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Fear of Flying:


'I was recommended to contact Jamie due to my fear of flying. I have been terrified of flying my whole life. The fear has never stopped me from travelling, but as I have got older, the fear has become progressively worse. Whenever I was due to get on a plane, my anxiety would start days before. I have never been able to enjoy the airport and I would be in a permanent state of panic until arriving at my hotel. I had developed OCD behaviour at the airport with the belief that if I did not do these things, I would crash and die. Every time I boarded a plane I believed we would crash. Take off was horrific and then any turbulence or movement of the plane would cause a panic attack and tears. It was always an embarrassing and highly stressful experience that I was worried was going to stop me travelling in future. 
I had two sessions with Jamie prior to getting on a plane last weekend. We discussed my concerns and where my fear comes from. We explored my first memory of being afraid on a plane and changed my perspective on things. Jamie was very easy to talk to, especially in relation to fear of flying, having been a sufferer himself. He was understanding an sympathetic. He explained how to deal with my emotions, gave me breathing exercises and discussed the technical side of flying. The NLP combined with everything he said, stuck with me and allowed me to calm myself when I could feel myself beginning to panic. I was able to get on the plane in a far calmer state, I realized I was in control of how I felt and I managed to fly with no tears and would even dare say I actually enjoyed looking out of the window of the plane! My husband might actually start to enjoy flying with me again! I would recommend Jamie and the NLP to anyone with a phobia or fear.'


GH - Surrey October 2017


'I consulted Jamie to tackle my problem of anxiety when travelling overseas.

It is not something I have always experienced, yet at some point in my life I started to suffer from symptoms of anxiety for about 24 hours prior to travel.  Flying is not a problem for me, it was just the whole journey experience.  I got to the point where I was "expecting" to feel that way for every trip and even contemplated avoiding overseas travel altogether.  Jamie helped me to identify the period of onset of these symptoms and coached me in methods to deal with the "problem".   I found the whole experience very calming and felt reassured in that there might be an end to my issues.

I am delighted to report I have recently returned from a holiday abroad and I put into practice the methods Jamie taught me prior to departure -  for the first time in years I actually slept through the night before travel and was able to cope with the day ahead of me.  It made the start of our holiday even better as I didn't feel physically drained on arrival.'   Thank you.


JR - Surrey - Oct 2012


'I had suffered with a fear of flying for about 10 years before seeing Jamie. Although I could fly if I had to, I'd panic from arriving in an airport right to leaving the other side. Turbulence would make me hyper-ventilate and I'd spend the whole flight crying and gripping my seat or the people near me. In the end I resorted to asking my doctor for tablets to deal with the nerves but they made me incapable of looking after my own belongings and I had to rely on someone else to make sure I got on and off the plane. It was embarrassing and I felt it was really time to do something about my problem. I had one session with Jamie, who has personal experience dealing with a fear of flying, and he helped me work through the phobia and 're-program' my thinking. Jamie is friendly and non-judgemental, which is essential when opening up to someone about your fears. He made me feel immediately at ease and let me take as much time as I needed. I have flown since the therapy and am able to enjoy shopping in the airport without panicking and to relax on the plane. I even looked out the window at the clouds during my last flight. I would highly recommend Jamie for any type of NLP.'


TS - Surrey - Feb 2012


WHY Programme:


'When first I was told about Jamie I was a bit sceptical.


I had battled for years with yo yo dieting and the unhealthy relationship I had developed with food. I had tried Weight Watchers, Slimming World, the cabbage diet - you name it, I tried it - to no avail. I had even resorted to hypnotism so you can probably understand my wariness.


However, although I am still to complete my course I have changed some of my attitudes to food already.


Whereas before I did not have an off switch now I have gained some control over my inner voices and I am beginning to realise that even if I slip back into bad a bad habit that this does not mean the end of the world.


The self help tapes of some of the sessions are a great reminder of how to get back on the horse so to speak.


I am looking forward to completing the course so that I will have the full arsenal of tools available to me for my battle against food.'


SB - Sept 2013


Other Issues:


'I took my 12-year-old daughter to see Jamie after her phobia of sickness was having detrimental effect on her life and stopping her from enjoying a lot of normal social activities. Jamie had a lovely manner with my daughter and made her feel at ease by explaining to her what NLP was and how it can be used to help her phobia. I was able to stay for the first session that my daughter had with Jamie and them the subsequent session my daughter felt confident enough to go in on her own. SInce having NLP my daughters confidence has grown and she has been able to sleep over at a friends' house and eats foods she would never have even considered before in case they made her sick.'


I would highly recomemend NLP to anyone who suffers from a phobia and I would not hesitate in recommeding Jamie who was fantatstic. Thank you, Jamie.


NL 20th Feb 2016


'I saw Jamie in relation to a confidence issue I had relating to a upcoming business venture. I felt as though something was ‘holding me back’ although I had no idea what and couldn’t pinpoint exactly how I felt.I only needed to see Jamie once. He was patient and understanding and helped me explore what that feeling was and how it manifested itself. We talked through previous experiences which may have been making me feel like I did, albeit subconsciously. It was a revelation – something I had never thought of came up in our discussions and he gave me some hints and tips on how to deal with that feeling in the future. I am now much more positive and in control about the way forward and am clear how I can view that negative as a positive and use it to my advantage. I would have no hesitation in recommending Jamie to anyone, he made such a difference.'


JC - July 2013


'I came to see Jamie to try and deal with my inner self confidence. I know I have been successful throughout my career, and can do my job, but something inside me worries continually about failing and I wanted to box these feelings away, especially as I was due to be interviewed for a promotion at work.

I have only had one meeting with Jamie and feel so much better about myself. Without realising it we dealt with the issues in my past that i had blamed myself for ‘failing’ in, namely post natal depression. It was a huge relief that the ‘failure’ i felt, wasn’t my fault. I will definitely be returning to Jamie and would highly recommend him.'


SD - Surrey - June 2013