Do you dream of wide open sandy beaches, that holiday of a lifetime but are too anxious to board a plane?


Perhaps you struggle with traveling for business, use medication or alcohol to see you through and want to find an alternative?


Picture: Cape Byron  - Australia

'I have flown since the therapy and am able to enjoy shopping at the airport without panicking and to relax on the plane. I even looked out the window at the clouds during my last flight. I would highly recommend Jamie for any type of NLP'.

TS - Surrey


Picture: My daughter sky diving

I specialise in helping people to overcome concerns with flying. I really understand how you might be feeling, as this was once an issue for me too.


I can work with you to create a bespoke solution to address your concerns, including airport visits and accompanied flights where you decide this is useful to help build your confidence.


If you have been putting off that once in a lifetime holiday, business trip or travelling to see family and friends, I would be delighted to help you achieve your goal.


One session could be all you need for your first class ticket to flying with ease.